Link Projects

  • Project ELVulmed (ANR CEP&S, 2011-2014) on the “Role of livestock activities in the process of adaptation and reducing vulnerability of Mediterranean societies facing global changes”
  • Project CLIMED-Egypt (call Imhotep, 2014-2015, funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) in Egypt and Campus France in France) on “The future of Mediterranean Livestock Farming Systems: opportunity and efficiency of Crop–Livestock Integration: Egyptian Case Study - New Reclaimed Lands (NRL)“
  • Project DAIRY (AIRD Young team program, 2012-2014) on “Understanding the Traditional Milk Supply Chain Functioning in Cairo- Egypt”
  • Project MOUVE (ANR) on ecological intensification
  • Project AIRD-STDF (2013-2015) on Collective action and agricultural productivity in Egypt’s New Lands (coordinated by IRD, François Molle)
  • Project IRD-Morocco-Haut Atlas on co-viability (Olivier Barrière)
  • CRP1.1- Drylands on Integrated Agricultural Production Systems for the Poor and Vulnerable in Dry Areas (ICARDA)

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