Work package 1: Coordination

The main objective of the WP1 is to coordinate, encourage and support the links between the disciplines, the country teams and the 4 main work packages (WP2, 3, 4 and 5), but also ensure the respect of the deadline for each WP to ensure the interconnections and communications of the research results.


  • Activity 1.1: Organization of workshops of the project.
  • Activity 1.2: Facilitating internal and external communication and sharing ideas with scientific peers or developers by using virtual space or WEB20 tools in a website; develop mechanisms to develop and support a scientific community in mediterranean in the field of livestock.
  • Activity 1.3: Managing the budget and animation. In addition to the workshops, the budget must be used to stimulate research (with training courses, mobility), explore new partnerships, and invite key stakeholders. Some additional funds will be searched during the project (Agreenium, AUF, Imhopep...).
  • Activity 1.4: Coordination of WP and activities. This activity consists at supporting each team leader of WP and facilitating the exchange of information and data between the different WP.
  • Activity 1.5: Enhancing the outcome of the project through scientific valorization and technical communications.


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