Work package 4: Assessment of the adaptive capacities to change

This WP aims at producing and integrating the socioeconomic, technical and environmental parameters to assess the adaptive capacity of the crop-livestock systems to past and current risks and uncertainties. The main activities will be:


  • Activity 4.1: Vulnerability and flexibility at the farm level: The analysis of the degree of vulnerability will result from the integrated analysis of
    1. the external risks identified (WP2) and
    2. the endogenous risks of not having the resources to cope with these situations (capacity) and the flexibility in link with livestock practices and strategies.

The originality will be to combine the livelihood approach with traditional approach of farm types based on their functioning, their trajectories and farming styles that combine technical options and social insertion (van der Ploeg, 1994).

  • Activity 4.2: Collective vulnerability/adaptation: This activity aims at assessing the impact of spatial and collective organization of farmers on environmental pressure and social development. This activity will be mainly based on participary approaches and mapping (in link with WP2 and activity 4.1)
  • Activity 4.3: Assessment of the role of policies: The adaptive capacities of farmers depend on past and present agro-environmental policies and local rules that had constrained or facilitated the resource access. This activity will be based on the review of agro-environmental policies and opened interview among farmers, community representative and policy and developper makers.


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